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We are happy to still have the support and involvement of the following past board members. Thank you for your previous service, enabling the creation of certain programs and continued support.

Khalid Hasan

Past President

Our most recent Past President.  Thank you for throwing your hat in for a big job and believing you could make a difference.  We look forward to a continued relationship in the future.

Dr. Jared Clarke

Past President

Available at a moment’s notice with his previous experience to help guide us forward. Dr. Clarke can now be found guiding folks to all of nature’s wonders at “Bird the Rock” tour company. Anyone knowing the pleasure of Dr. Clarke’s company, in any capacity would know his new venture must be nothing less than fantastic.

Dr. Michelle Ploughman

Past President

Our research expert who dedicated so many years to Brain Injury survivors through research, leadership and program development. She continues to research brain related disorders and teach the next generation of scientists we will be depending on to find the answers!

Tom Lush

Past President

Established Annual Stephen Lush Golf Tournament and as former Liberal Minister of Health, he creates an excellent bridge for communication in our attempts to bring education, evidence based practice and accurate up to date knowledge to the health community and government officials.

Liana Li

Past Treasurer

Our most recent past treasurer needs a huge thank you for throwing her hat in for a big job, always being there and trying to make a difference.  We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope to see you at our events if you are on the Rock! Our doors are always open for you!

Glenn Russell

Past Treasurer

Dedicated former member who we still count on for support and direction in the non-profit sector as roles change over time on the board.

Vivian Gulliver

Past Secretary

Vivian Gulliver worked with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for over 25 years. During that time she worked with several Departments and soon became Secretary to the Minister of Education. From there she became the Executive Assistant to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Development and eventually moved on to become a Secretary to the Premier. She retired in 2002. During her working years Vivian got to know Mr. Tom Lush, then President of the NLBIA. When the Association found itself in need of a Secretary Mr. Lush asked Vivian to help and she gladly agreed. Today, Vivian is using her expertise as a valuable staff member of the NLBIA.

Lisa Somerton

Past Director

Lisa Somerton has been a volunteer with NLBIA for nine years.  Lisa has previously held position of Director and when a vacancy became available in 2019 the current Board asked that she return in a temporary capacity as a Director once again.

As a graduate from the College of North Atlantic with Diploma in Office Administration – Records and Information Management, Lisa brings valuable information on protecting privacy of those involved with the NLBIA.  As an employee of the Provincial Government, she also brings her knowledge of various departmental policies.

As a volunteer, she has participated in many of the fund-raising activities for the NLBIA including the Annual Stephen Lush Memorial Golf Tournament, Annual Dinners, silent auctions etc.

Lisa likes to fish, hunt and spend time in her vegetable garden.

Maude Peache

Past Director

Active event volunteer and fundraising extraordinaire; we are more grateful than one could ever imagine for such an invested volunteer.  When events go down, we know who to turn to!

Kent Farrell

Past Director

Through his family and work connection, Kent enabled us to partake in the Huffin Puffin Marathon to earn donations as well as apply for NLCU walkathon funds that enabled us to pilot the Subsidised Counseling Program.  We are humbled by his invested relationship to his sister who is a survivor and encourage all family members to know they can make a difference too!