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The Newfoundland & Labrador Brain Injury Association is a non-profit advocacy organization which strives to improve the quality of life of survivors, their families and friends.


Helping to identify the needs of survivors, their families and friends. Enhancing access to quality care and services. Improving public awareness of brain injury through education.


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Subsidized Counselling Program

The Newfoundland and Labrador Brain Injury Association (NLBIA) is pleased to present their pilot Subsidized Counseling Program sponsored fully by Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union. This program will make it easier and more affordable for brain injury survivors, their family members and/or caregivers to access vital counseling services across the province. It has been a resounding success and it’s continuance is pending ongoing sponsorship and support! We will keep you posted.

Due to the burden of brain injury, survivors and their families often find themselves in emotional and psychological crisis – challenges that may occur days, months or even years after injury. The NLBIA has witnessed an increase in unmet needs for community-based counseling for people with brain injury. Our pilot program will help reduce barriers to these services, including cost and significant wait times, by providing direct and subsidized access to private counselors and clinics.

To learn more about this important new program and/or to apply for services, please contact the NLBIA by telephone (709) 727-4705 or email info@nlbia.ca. The program is open to all brain injury survivors, immediate family and caregivers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.