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The Newfoundland & Labrador Brain Injury Association is a non-profit advocacy organization which strives to improve the quality of life of survivors, their families and friends.


Helping to identify the needs of survivors, their families and friends. Enhancing access to quality care and services. Improving public awareness of brain injury through education.


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LoveyourbrainNL is a brain health, awareness and fundraising campaign NLBIA started for Brain Injury Awareness Month of June 2016. It is inspired by LoveYourBrain Foundation started by Olympic Hopeful Kevin Pearce who has found that Yoga and mindful practices have helped him find his new normal with a life forever changed by a brain injury. It is pretty awesome that science agrees with the benefits of mindful practices they promote!

Did you know brain injury affects more people in Canada between the ages of 14-45 than the combined effects of HIV, MS and cancer!!! It is Canada’s number one killer and disabler in this age group, yet it is so unknown! Recovery can be a long road.

Whether you are recovering from a brain injury or just interested in the neurological improvements one can achieve connecting use of both mind and body, LoveyourbrainNL is for everyone!

Yoga studios and instructors are encouraged to register karma classes during the month of June to promote Brain Injury Awareness. We will advertise your studio and a portion of all proceeds will go to similar adaptive programs for those with Brain Injuries.

Everyone is welcome to check out our registered classes in June and find a brain healthy way to help support survivors and their caregivers in this province. We may have some events listed on our events calendar, but otherwise, please contact us for details here, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.