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Brain injury is exceedingly common (i.e., concussions, motor vehicle accidents, injuries on the job, etc.), yet the ever-present signs and symptoms are far too often overlooked. Alarmingly, brain injury is the number one disabler of people under the age of 40 worldwide. In fact, traumatic brain injury occurs at an annual rate of 500 out of 100 000 individuals, equating to one person injured every three minutes in Canada.

Many brain injuries are unavoidable requiring the best support we can provide. Others are, to some extent, preventable, and that is where education plays such an important role.

The NLBIA is here to support people living with brain injury and to provide education on brain injury prevention. Your donation can help us continue to provide our programs and to expand our educational outreach. Here are some examples of how your donations can help:

  • $25 pays for materials needed to run an ABLE session
  • $50 covers 2 hours of system navigation services for our clients
  • $100 covers monthly office supplies
  • $150 pays for an educational session within the community

Being a monthly donor helps generate funds to sustain programming and innovate new programming ideas.

Corporate sponsorship options are also available. Contact us at info@nlbia.ca to learn more!